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Who We Are & What We Do

The Wine & Spirit Wholesalers of Colorado (WSWC) is a Colorado state membership organization advocating on state, regulatory, and legal issues impacting distributors and the beverage alcohol industry. 

WSWC supports and advocates for smart state regulation of beverage alcohol to maintain the greatest marketplace in the country. WSWC supports the state regulatory model, commonly referred to as the three-tier system, which separates suppliers, distributors, and retailers. For more than 85 years this model has prevented monopolies, ensured consumer safety, guarded against counterfeit alcohol and promoted healthy oversight to bring the greatest variety of products to American consumers.  

Economic Impact in Colorado

Wholesalers in Colorado account for more than 1,500 jobs paying nearly $132 million in wages and generate more than $450 million in tax revenue.

Wholesalers are the important central link in the three-tier beverage alcohol production system, distribution, and sales in place in the United States.


Three-Tier System

The First Tier - Producers/Manufacturers produce alcoholic beverages at distilleries, breweries, and wineries worldwide, but they still need need to reach local retailers and consumers - The Wholesalers.

The Second Tier - Wholesalers are the local marketing, logistics, and distribution experts for thousands of brands and products available to consumers worldwide. Wholesalers collect most excise taxes for state and local governments and work with retailers throughout the country to satisfy the needs of consumers.

The Third Tier - Retailers, sell wine and spirits to consumers within outlets classified into two categories: on-premise (bars, restaurants and hotels) or off - premise establishments (grocery, liquor and convenient stores).

Benefits of the Three-Tier System

The three-tier system protects consumers by ensuring only legitimate. That product is sold to legal age customers and guarantees a predictable tax revenue flow to the government with appropriate regulatory oversight. This structure also ensures that vertically-integrated monopolies cannot exist across all tiers of the system while also balancing many companies' competing interests and ensuring an orderly and well-managed marketplace.

Within the three-tier system, wholesalers bring alcoholic beverages made worldwide to your local retailers using the most efficient logistics systems to provide Americans the widest consumer choice of alcoholic beverages in the world. Wholesalers build alcohol beverage brands in the local marketplace by providing retailers sophisticated marketing and product education services for wine and spirits brand owners.

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