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The Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of Colorado (WSWC) is a state membership association of wine and spirit distributors. WSWC advocates on state, local, regulatory, and legal issues, impacting distributors and the beverage alcohol industry.

We focus on many important policy areas such as: taxation, alcohol regulation, social responsibility, and impaired driving prevention. Allowing members to thrive in a diverse and dynamic environment.

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Distribution Experts

Wine and spirits distributors operate within a well-regulated state distribution three-tier system providing safety, supervision and integrity. Distributors are essential members of the economy ensuring choice and access for consumers while providing consistent tax revenue for state and local governments.We are responsible for the logistics and distribution to bars and restaurants, known as on-premise facilities and retail establishments, also called off-premise locations, throughout the country.

Represented by Outlets

Wholesalers are the vital link bringing together a numerous variety of brands from around the world to the consumers who buy them. Distributors work with retail outlets to develop effective local marketing campaigns, point of sale displays, and promotional events to communicate a brand’s value to the public, benefiting both brand owners and retailers.